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As a metadata wrangler, I entered and optimized metadata. I did regular troubleshooting for distribution issues on Ooligan Press’s titles. In this one-year role, I worked with Ooligan Press’s Editorial, Marketing & Publicity and book project teams at every stage in the publishing process to ensure that data about our books is correct and finds its way to readers. See the infographic I made to visualize metadata’s one-year timeline from start to perpetual access. 


I assisted Ooligan’s transition from Ingram Publisher Services to Publishers Group West. To do so I learned and documented process changes; accommodated tighter deadlines; and audited our backlist to correct recurring metadata breakages resulting from differences in processes between distributors.


Metadata Timeline for Ooligan Press

Below is the metadata deadlines I oversaw during my time at Ooligan Press. 

Metadata Timeline

I have a year of optimizing and troubleshooting metadata at Ooligan Press. Play this Twine game to see examples of metadata problems I’ve solved!

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 11.00.16 AM